Listen to your text being read aloud.

How does it work?

This tool uses the browser's built-in speech synthesis capabilities to read aloud the text in the editor. You can select a voice, adjust the speed and pitch of the speech, and control the playback with buttons.

The tool reads the text line by line, with the currently spoken line highlighted in the editor.

You can adjust the starting line by placing the text cursor on the desired line before clicking Speak.

Why should I listen to my own text?

Listening to the text being spoken aloud can serve as a powerful self-editing tool for writers. By hearing your text, you gain fresh insights into its clarity, flow, and overall effectiveness. Awkward phrasing, unclear ideas, or grammatical errors that might go unnoticed during silent reading often become glaringly obvious when heard aloud.

Listening allows you to assess the voice, tone, and rhythm of your writing, ensuring they align with your intended style and mood. For fiction writers, hearing dialogue spoken can reveal nuances in characterization and authenticity, while for all writers, it offers a glimpse into how engaging and captivating the writing is to an audience.